Tech Tip: Disable Apple Photos Launching

Are you using a MAC and tired of how OS X automatically launches Apple Photos every time you connect a device or insert a memory card. Did you know that it’s possible to  disable the program from launching for all devices with a single command.

All you need to do is Open up Terminal, and enter the following line:
defaults -currentHost write disableHotPlug -bool YES
Then press Enter.

To undo the action just repeat the same text but replace YES with NO

June 21st: Moving from Analog to Digital

If you’ve been keeping your old photos in a shoebox, album, or even a frame, there’s a good chance your precious heirlooms are faded and damaged. Sound terrible? Help is on the way at our June 21st event.

Gary Coyne will show us his DIY set up for scanning slides using his digital camera and Adobe Lightroom to automate the process.

Erin Manning will share tips and techniques for scanning, repairing, enhancing, preserving, and sharing your old images. With a few tips and readily available technology, it’s possible to bring your old photos back to life and preserve them for generations to come!

Our June 21st event will be held at Plummer Park (Fiesta Hall) in West Hollywood. Registration will go online soon.