Aug 19th: Single flash portraits with George Simian

At LADIG, we have always talked about what happens with your photographs after you press the shutter button. This month we’re going to talk about what happens before you press the shutter button.

George Simian will talk to us about shooting people with a single flash – how to shoot, where to put the light, how to get the subject to act alive for the camera. He will be bringing a model subject and will discuss how to interact with your subject to get them to open up and show their true spirit.

George will be shooting tethered to the computer; so you’ll also learn how to set that up, and why it’s a great way to shoot in a studio environment. You’ll be able to shoot (with George’s camera). Bring a flash drive (not a CF card) if you want to take your images home afterwards.

George teaches at UCLA and at Samy’s Camera. If you’re interested in street portraiture, take a look at his blog post: On the street with an off-camera strobe.