About LADiG

LADIG (Los Angeles Digital Imaging Group) is dedicated to advancing the art and science of digital imaging in all its forms. Visitors to our monthly meetings will both learn from professional imaging educators and be inspired by photographers and visual artists that come to present their work.

Adobe_user_group_badgeFounded by Lee Varis in 2004, LADIG is the official Southern California Adobe Lightroom user group; Lightroom and Photoshop are the primary tools in the techniques and workflows we discuss. We are mostly oriented towards photography, but digital imaging expands far beyond photographs and our focus is on what happens after the shutter is released.

We provide a forum for the discussion of ideas, techniques and best practices in a casual, networking environment built around regular meetings with presentations from members of the community and special visitors from around the country.

LADiG is an affiliate of United States Digital Imaging Group (USDIG).